Meet Derek….

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We’d like to introduce you to this cheeky character, Derek the Shetland Pony who has been welcomed into the horsey household of our Commercial Director Paul Roberts. Paul and his family have been taking fun photos of the loveable pint sized pony to keep our spirits up during lockdown! As he loves being a superstar, we thought you might like to meet him too!

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Derek is currently self isolating!

But he has Pony Power! Derek steps up to fight the crisis!

‘Hay’ you there! I’m ‘Clopping’ for the NHS!

Derek for President! He’s got the hair!

He may have a french braid, but he’s sure not a one trick pony!

Derek the punk is going to ‘pull’ us to better times!

‘Pony Power’ is as good as Horse power!

Trotting with style!

He’s not a lonely Pony!

Thoughtful Pony! He sent this adorable birthday message to Fran our Designer!

Derek says “Goodnight everyone and stay safe”.

Derek is lucky, he’s found his special place but there are lots of other poor Derek’s looking for a home. Derek came from who do a great work for both horses and owners. You can help by donating just £1 a month, you’ll be amazed at the difference this can make to the Horses and this wonderful charity!

Read Dereks full back story….

His full name, or stud name is Ringkay Motivator but he’s known to all as Derek.

Derek endured a tough life as a breeding stallion…….

He lived happily on an alpaca farm but spent most of his time alone with very little human contact. The alpaca farm was unfortunately disbanded but Derek’s fate was uncertain, there was no place for a 15 year old stallion who couldn’t be with girls because he wanted to get to know them too well and couldn’t be with other Shetland boys because he just wanted to fight. Derek didn’t know he was tiny….he’d pick a fight with a shire horse or try to date a racehorse….Derek wasn’t easy…

Derek was a stallion until quite recently but an all too friendly vet came along and after lulling Derek into a false sense of security – Derek’s stallion status was soon revoked. Despite the slight change to Derek’s anatomy, there unfortunately wasn’t any sign of a change in his stallion behaviour which wasn’t helped by him being re-homed a number of times. Derek’s future looked very bleak but all he needed was a home with a couple of suitable companions and an enormous paddock where they could outrun his tiny legs and get away if needed!

You see, Derek is physically very small but what he lacks in size he more than makes up for in personality, he could be a little monster….

Derek now lives a happy life with 3 border terriers to keep him on his toes and two big horses for him to boss about, Noddy and Woody. Now that the big horses understand the pecking order there are no problems, Derek makes sure of that.

As for humans, he just needed time to learn to trust and now simply loves any kind of attention, especially grooming his thick coat and trying to tame his unruly mane, he has a hundred different looks. While bring groomed Derek is a champion gurner – he pulls the most hilarious faces!! He also follows you around endlessly. Strangely if you catch him from just the right angle – his face looks a little like an alpaca!

Remember let’s ‘Be more Derek’

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