Hello Christmas…

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Let’s get organised…

✨Beautiful Gold foil Illustrations✨

It’s certainly not too early to start planning for Christmas, after all, the sooner you get the planning and prep done, the sooner you can enjoy all the magical moments and quality family time that Christmas brings!🎄🎄🎄

A5 sized and wiro-bound with an elastic closer.

If you get all the cards sent, the presents bought and festivities planned then you can just truly relax as Christmas approaches… having time to snuggle up by the fire with a mince pie or really enjoying watching your children’s nativity play because you don’t have that background worry of your huge ‘To-do’ list!

✨ Useful tabbed sections that include space for your Festive Feast planning, space to record your favourite family recipes and a festive calendar to plan all your Christmas get-togethers. ✨

It is the perfect time to start forward-thinking about where you and your family will be for the big day. If you are hosting Christmas day, start inviting friends and family over, creating a guest list, roughly planning your menu and all the little extras that make Christmas so special…having a loose plan now will help later down the line!

Also, everyone’s diaries get so busy in the lead up to Christmas, so start planning which friends and family you’d like to get together with and get some dates on your calendar!

✨ Get some important dates on the calendar!✨

It is also never too early to start buying some thoughtful presents as spreading the cost over a few months can be really helpful!

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✨Handy pockets for important receipts and other festive organising.✨

In our studio we all love Christmas, it is such a magical time and many of us have busy family lives- juggling work, looking after children and other family members as well as all the other demands of life! So when it came to Christmastime, it always seemed a bit fraught trying to keep on top of everything … so we decided to design a planner that we would love to use ourselves (as well as hopefully our customers loving too!). And of course, as designers, it was important to us for it to look beautifully festive too!👪

✨ Other tabbed sections include space for your Christmas Card List, Present Planning, Festive Feast planning and space to record the gifts you’ve received! ✨

The fabulous thing is that we have designed it so that it can be used year after year (for up to 5 years), so no re-writing that Christmas card list every single year!! Phew! 👍

✨Pockets for delicious recipes ✨

ORDER your Christmas Planner here: https://rachelellen.co.uk/seasonal/christmas/

We also sell a Christmas List Pad which is the perfect accompaniment to our Christmas Planner… it contains tear our pages that have space for shopping lists, present ideas and to-do lists.

Perfect size to pop in your bag whilst you’re out and about at the shops!

ORDER your Christmas List Pad here: https://rachelellen.co.uk/seasonal/christmas/

Being prepared in advance of the big day means you can really truly enjoy all the festivities. We have all had Christmas’s where we are running around getting last-minute presents or focusing more on the timings for Christmas Dinner, rather than just enjoying being with your family and being present in the moment. Having all your planning in one useful place takes all the stress out of the big day! All you present buying will be ticked off, you can pre-plan all the timings for the Christmas Dinner… now you just have to enjoy the day!

Your Christmas planning is all in one place!

Christmas is such a special time as it brings families together to share a meal, play games, catch up over a glass of wine and a mince pie… for us, it is all about those beautiful memories that are created and the sense of togetherness. After last years difficult Christmas where many of us were apart and almost two years of extremely tough times due to Covid, we are hoping that this Christmas will be extra special…with everyone appreciating being together more than ever.

Christmas is of course most special for children and the lifelong memories it creates and for grown-ups the joy of giving wonderful gifts which is something we spend so much of our time focused on creating here at Rachel Ellen Designs!

Oh, and you might have guessed… we also love Christmas because of the mince pies!😉

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