Barrie and Jan… still working hard!

Did you know that Rachel’s parents are still devoted members of our team?

Many people are surprised to find out that even in their eighties Barrie (85) and Jan (82), still regularly come in to our Nottingham based studio and are really valued members of our team!
Jan is a whizz in the office, carrying out essential duties supplying barcodes, processing orders and managing stock. Whilst Barrie has almost 70 years experience in the print industry, he offers continued support and advice regarding the production of our cards and still has a very keen interest in keeping up to date with the most cutting edge of printing and finishing methods. He also regularly visits our printers where he approves print jobs!
Barrie is often up in the design studio telling us endless entertaining stories of the Nottingham print industry and we wouldn’t have it any other way!
Hard at work!

Our wonderful friend and free-lance photographer, Anna, recently captured some beautiful photos of Barrie and Jan! It’s quite clear to see that after almost 60 years married they still have lots of fun together!

Still having lots of laughs together after all these years!