A DAY IN THE LIFE of Rachel Ellen Designs

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Good morning! Another bright and sunny start to the day here in Nottingham at Rachel Ellen
Designs HQ! We all start arriving (some of us from as far away as Worcester!!).
Meet the team here… https://rachelellen.co.uk/about-us/


First things first, let’s get the coffee on to help get those creative juices flowing!
Mmmm! Let’s go!


We’ve had our fuel – time to make the magic happen! Boom!
Rachel gets started with some beautiful painting-as always the colours are bold and bright, just how we like them!


Let’s get technical, artwork is on the Macs, now for the geeky bit!


Teamwork makes the dream work! Off to our local printers to check proofs! Not long before they hit the shelves!


As always the printed sheets are speedily delivered back to us from the printers and into the capable hands of Darren who cuts and creases every single card! He cuts through his workload in a snip! (with a little help from his 80’s tunes playing)


Quick lunch pit stop and walkies – refuelled and ready to go!


Over to the production department – all cards are hand finished with love, sparkles and a very steady hand!


Busy bees in the sales office -never a quiet moment!


Today’s orders all picked and packed by our busy team!


Boxes and boxes of goodies all ready to be picked up and sent to customers far and wide! Did you know we ship worldwide!?



4.30pm zzzzZZZZZ!
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